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Wildlife Wing

The state of Karnataka is blessed with varieties of fauna(animals). The wildlife of the state forest are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and the authority is the Wildlife Wing of the Karnataka Forest Department. The Wildlife Wing is headed by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. This wing manages 17% of the total State Forest area designated as Protected Areas comprising National Parks and Sanctuaries.

Activities of the Wildlife wing:

The Management of National Parks and Sanctuaries is done mainly under the Centrally Sponsored and Central Plan Schemes including State Plan Schemes. The activities undertaken in the various schemes are as follows:

  1. Habitat improvement of National Parks and Sanctuaries by creation of water holes, fodder development, fire protection activities and vaccination.
  2. Protection through Anti Poaching camps, Patrolling and Camps.
  3. Eco-development activities by providing alternative resources to reduce cattle and human presence in the Protected Areas.
  4. Reduction of man-animal conflict by construction of barriers such as Elephant Proof Trenches, Solar or Battery powered fences, erecting dry rubble stone walls and creating corridors across areas of Wildlife habitats.
  5. It provides compensation for crop, cattle damages and human deaths caused due to the Wildlife.
  6. Creates awareness among the public through Education, Publications, Training and Research activities.

Wildlife Preservation:

The details of 5 National Parks, 30 Wildlife Sanctuaries totalling 35 Protected Areas are as shown below: (The state must have a minimum of 4.50% of its geographical areas as Protected Area. Karnataka state has 5.33%.)

Sl No. Circle Division National Park/ Wildlife Sanctuary Area (Sq.Kms)
1 CCF Bangalore Circle 1. DCF, Bannerghatta National Park 1. Bannerghatta National Park 260.51
2. DCF, Ramanagara Dvn. 2.Ramadevara Betta vulture Sanctuary 3.46
2 CCF Mysore Circle 3. DCF, WLD, Mysore 3. Adichunchanagiri Peacock Wildlife Sancutuary 0.84
4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary 0.67
5. Arbithittu Wildlife Sanctuary 13.50
6. Melkote Wildlife Sanctuary 49.82
3 CCF, Chamarajanagar Circle, 4. CF & Director Chamarajanagar 7. BRT Tiger Reserve 539.52
5. DCF, Cauvery WLD, Kollegal 8. Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary 1027.53
6. DCF M.M.Hills WLD, Kollegal 9. Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary 906.187
4 CCF, Kodagu Circle 7. DCF, WLD, Madikeri 10. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary 102.92
11. Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary 105.59
12. Bramhagiri Wildlife Sanctuary 181.29
5 CCF, Mangalore Circle 8. DCF, Kudremukh WL Dvn, Karkala 13. Kudremukh National Park 600.57
14. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary 314.25
15. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary 370.37
6 APCCF Field Director Project Tiger, Shimoga/ CCF Shimoga Circle CCF & Director, Dandeli 16. Dandeli Tiger Reserve 886.41
17. Anshi Tiger Reserve 417.34
7 CCF, Shimoga Circle 10. DCF, WL Dvn., Shimoga 18. Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary 395.60
19. Sharavathi Wildlife Sancurary 431.23
20. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary 0.73
8 APCCF Field Director Project Tiger, Shimoga./ CCF, Chikmagalur Circle 11. CF & Director, Bhadra T.R. 21. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary 500.16
9 CCF, Dharwad Circle 12. ACF, WL SubDvn, Ranebennur 22. Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary 119.00
23. Attiveri Bird Sanctuary 2.23
10 CCF, Bellary Circle 13.DCF, Bellary, (T) 24. Daroji Bear Sanctuary 82.72
14. DCF, Davanagere (T) Dvn, Davanagere 25. Rangayyadurga Four Horned Antelope Wildlife Sanctuary 77.23
15. DCF, Bellary 26. Gudekote Sloth Bear Sanctuary 47.61
16. DCF, Chitradurga 27. Jogimatti Wildlife Sanctuary 100.48
11 APCCF Field Director Project Tiger, Mysore 17. CF & Director Bandipur 28. Bandipur Tiger Reserve
29. Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary
18. CF & Director Hunsur 30. Nagarahole Tiger Reserve 643.39
12 CCF, Belgaum Circle 19. DCF, Belgaum (T) Dvn, Belgaum 31. Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary 190.42
20. DCF, Gokak (T) Dvn, Gokak 32. Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary 29.78
21. DCF, Bagalkote (T) 33. Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary 96.36
13 CCF, Gulbarga Circle 21. DCF, Gulbarga (T) Dvn. Gulbarga 34. Chincholi Wildlife Sanctuary 134.88
14 CCF Hassan Circle 22. DCF, Tumkur (T) Dvn., Tumkur 35. Thimlapura Wildlife Sanctuary 50.86
Total Area 9,586.017

Projects & Schemes

  1. Project Tiger
  2. This scheme is being implemented since 1973 and the Government of India provides 50% share for recurring items and 100 percent for non-recurring items. Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Rajiv Gandhi (Nagarahole) Tiger Reserve, Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Anshi-Dandeli Tigers are covered under the Project Tiger Scheme. The works carried out under this scheme, are establishment of Tiger Protection Force, monsoon patrolling squads, construction & maintenance of staff quarters, prevention of poaching by organizing anti-poaching camps, formation & maintenance of roads, maintenance of wireless sets, vehicles, fire protection work, formation of water holes to provide drinking water to the animals, publicity activities, Habitat Improvement works and Eco-developmental works etc.

    In the State 5 Tiger Reserves has a large number of Tigers in the Country and number one State in Tiger Population. As per 2010 Tiger estimation, state has 300 tigers. As per 2013 Tiger estimation,state has 406 tigers.

  3. Project Elephant
  4. This scheme envisages protection and development of elephant habitat in National Parks/Sanctuaries. Presently this scheme covering Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Mandya, Mysore, Hunsur, Chamarajnagr, Kollegal, Madikeri, Virajpet, Hassan and Chikmagalur Districts. The works taken under this scheme Excavation of new elephant proof trench and erection of new solar fencing and maintenance/Establishment of Rapid Response Teams, anti poaching capms, anti depredation camps and maintenance/capturing and translocation rouge elephants/ procurement of tranquilization equipments and drugs, training of staff/enforcement techniques, training of veterinary doctors in treating sick and injured elephants and conducting post mortem, publicity and awareness programme in and around Elephant Reserves etc., State has got 25% of the country’s Elephant population. As per 2012 population estimation, there are 6072 elephants. The following are the elephant camps run by the department:

    List of Elephant Camps in Karnataka
    SL.No. Elephant Camps Name of the Division/National Parks
    1 Dadda Arve Elephant Camp Hunsur Territorial Division (Periyapattna Range)
    2 Dubare Elephant Camp Madikeri Territorial Division
    3 K Gudi Elephant Camp BRT (Chamarajanagara)
    4 Mattigodu Elephant Camp Nagarahole (Hunsur)
    5 Panasoli Elephant Camp Dandeli Wildlife Division
    6 Rampura Elephant Camp Bandipura Tiger Reserve
    7 Sakrebeyle Elephant Camp Shivamogga Wildlife Division

  5. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  6. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve scheme is sponsored by the Government of India to take up habitat and ecodevelopment works. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of the State covers part of Nagarahole National Park, Bandipur National Park and Chamarajnagar Wildlife Division.

  7. State Plan Schemes
    • 2406-02-1100-01-Nature Conservation (State Plan)
    • 2406-02-1100-49 Kudremukh National Park for Rehabilitation
    • 2406-01-8000-15-Long Term Measures to mitigate Man-Animal Conflict-059-Major Works
    • 2406-02-1100-50-Development Newly Declared Sanctuary-059 Major Works
    • 2406-01-8000-14-Voluntry Rehabilitation of families from From TR and NPs-059- Other Expenses
    • 2406-01-8000-14-Voluntry Rehabilitation of families from From TR and NPs-422Speciap Component Plan(SCP)
    • 2406-01-8000-14-Voluntry Rehabilitation of families from From TR and NPs-423-Tribal Special Plan (TSP)

  8. Centrally Sponsored Schemes
    • 2406-02-1100-02-CSS Project Tiger
    • 2406-02-1100-47-CSS Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats

  9. Central Plan Schemes
    • 2406-02-1100-23-CSS Project Elephant
    • 2406-02-1100-20-CSS Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

  10. Non Plan Schemes
    • 2406-02-1100-01-Nature Conservation (Non-Plan)
    • 2406-02-1100-46-Protected Area Development Fund
    • 2406-02-1100-01- Nature Conservation 059-other Expenditure (Feed& Fodder)
    • 2406-02-1100-01- Nature Conservation 015 Supplementary Expenditure (Compensation)