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Plan Schemes
1. 2406-01-004-0-01 - Forest Research - APCCF Research
The main objective of the scheme is establishment and maintenance of the tree preservation plots, raising & maintenance of clonal orchards, silvicultural research plots, species trial plots, espacement and manurial trial plots and seed development. Good quality seeds are identified and supplied for rising of seedlings. Apart from this, research works are conducted about. farm forestry and grafted Tamarind, Jackfruit and other species seedlings are raised and supplied to farmers.
2. 2406-01-00S-0-02 - Working Plan organization - APCCF WP
Protection of the reserve forest is the main function of Forest Department. For this purpose, the reserve forests are surveyed and demarcated on the ground by fixing RF Stones or constructing Cairns. The C & D class lands taken over from Revenue Department are also being surveyed and demarcated on the ground. In addition, the compartment boundaries of the reserve forests are also surveyed and demarcated. Sample survey would be taken up in the compartments of the reserve forests for enumerating tree growth.
3. 2406-01-013-0-01-Computerisation of Forest Department - Headed by APCCF C & I
Under this scheme, computer infrastructure would be provided for computerization of departmental accounts and other database informations of Forest Department. Mis National Informatics Centre have prepared LMS and FMS software and installed in the server of Aranya Bhavan. The officers and staff working in Aranya Bhavan are trained in handling the software under this scheme.
4. 2406-01-101-0-04 - Western Ghats Task Force
A special task force named as Western Ghats Task Force is established to advise the Govt. regarding the activities related to conservation and development of Western Ghats eco-system
5. 2406-01-101-2-0S - Developmentof Degraded Forests - APCCF Development
In different parts of the state, forest area has become degraded due to different kind of biotic pressure and such areas are tackled under this scheme. Under this scheme degraded forests are rejuvenated through afforestation and various other measures like protection, regeneration, and soil & water conservation. Wherever there is enough rootstock, such areas are protected from biotic pressure thereby encouraging natural regeneration. Alternatively plantations are to be raised in other areas. This scheme is being implemented in all districts of the State.
6. 2406-01-101-2-10 - Greening of Urban Areas - APCCF Development
Under this scheme, it is envisaged to plant flowering and fruit bearing trees in urban areas. Tree parks and avenue plantations will be established in the towns and cities of the State. Seedlings will also be supplied to the residents of urban areas.
7. 2406-01-101-2-11 - Forest Protection - PCCF HOFF & APCCF HQ & C
This scheme provides for purchase of vehicles, arms & ammunitions, equipments and other infrastructure to enable protective staff to combat organized smuggling and attack on forest personnel. It also provides for organizing protection/ anti-poaching camps of forest officials & daily wage mazdoors at strategic places for protection of forest wealth and prevent poaching of wild animals.
8. 2406-01-101-2-20-13th Finance Commission Grants for preservation of Forest Wealth - PCCF HOFF & APCCF HQ
9. 2406-01-101-2-23 - Maintenance of Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas and Medicinal Plant Development Areas - PCCF HOFF & APCCF HQ
Under this scheme, it is envisaged to maintain 13 Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas (MPCAs) and Medicinal Plant Development Areas (MPDAs). For development and maintenance of Medicinal Plants and Conservation Areas, and for development of rare and endangered Species.
10. 2406-01-101-2-24 - Cultivation of Sandalwood plantation - APCCF Development
The object of this scheme is to maintain and protect sandal plantations and natural sandal bearing areas in traditional sandal areas.
11. 2406-01-101-2-26 Development and Preservation of Devarakadus (Daivivanas) - PCCF HOFF & APCCF HQ
Devarakadu Forests are very unique and significant from religious and eco- systems points. This scheme has been introduced to conserve the valuable Eco-systems in their pristine conditions as sacred groves and allowing them to have their natural evolutionary process to continue without any disturbance.
Apart from this, development and preservation of Daivivana in each districts was taken up under this scheme.
12. 2406-01-101-2-29 - Prevention of Encroachment and Consolidation of Forest Lands in Bengaluru and Other Urban areas - PCCF HOFF & APCCF LR
Encroachments in forest lands in City and Urban areas have to be evicted on priority and immediate action needs to be taken to prevent future encroachments. With the value of urban lands increasing it is proposed to erect chain link mesh fence with RCC pillars in Bengaluru Urban district. In some cases compound wall will be necessary. The fence / wall has to be erected all along the boundary of forest land.
13. 2406-01-102-2-18 Road side Plantation - APCCF Development
Since the year 2000, lot of trees have been cut for the purpose of widening of Roads. Hence there is an urgent need to take up roadside plantations in all the Districts of Karnataka. For this purpose, a new scheme of Raising Roadside plantation is implemented by Karnataka Forest Department. Under Roadside plantation programme, apart from regular Roadside planting works, SCP and TSP component works were also undertaken. Under this seedlings will be planted along the roads adjoining the SC/ST colonies. Similarly under TSP component seedlings will be planted along the roads adjoining the Tribal colonies.
14. 2406-01-102-2-19 - Village Forest Committees - APCCF PROJECTS
3788 VFCs were formed under DFID assisted Western Ghats Forestry and Environment Development Programme and JBIC assisted Eastern Karnataka Afforestation Programme. Due to non availability of funds owing to closure of these schemes and projects these VFCshave become unviable. To help these VFCsthis scheme was started in 2013-14.
15. 2406-01-102-2-22 - Raising of Seedlings for Public Distribution - APCCF Development
To promote tree planting by public and farmers, the seedlings are being supplied by the department at subsidized rates to plant in hiduvali lands. For the purpose, suitable local species are selected and 4IX6", 5"X8" and 81X12" sized seedlings are being raised every year by the department.

Secondly, as per the National Forest Policy, 33% of the Geographical area must be tree cover. To achieve the goal the Department is implementing various afforestation programmes. Since the target of afforestation is high, this can be achieved successfully by voluntary involvement of farmers, public and NGOs.

To enlist the cooperation of farmers and general public in the noble task of increasing tree cover, the Government of Karnataka has launched "Krishi Aranya Protsaha Yojane". As per the guidelines of the programme, the farmers, public and NGOs may obtain the seedlings at subsidized rates at nearest nurseries of the department. Seedlings so obtained will be planted in their lands and nourished, in which case they get incentive for each survived seedlings from the Government. Apart from getting incentive they are also at liberty of using whatever yield they get from such seedlings.

Presently, Krishi Aranya Protsaha Yojane is being implemented under the above head of account.
16. 2406-01-102-2-25 – Eco tourism - PCCF WL
There is vast scope for development of eco-tourism in Karnataka. It is proposed to develop basic amenities for camping and nature tourism in and around forest areas which have tourism potential.
17. 2406-01-102-2-34 - Samrudha Hasiru Grama Yojane - Projects
It is envisaged to achieve self sustainability of available natural resources and to increase the tree cover. It is proposed to adopt at least one village in each forest division to supply small timber, fodder, green leaves, and to install Bio- gas Plants, Medicinal Gardens etc., to cater to the needs of the villagers, also to supply bamboo and other raw materials to artisans. Besides, it is also proposed to take up afforestation and soil conservation works so as to improve ground water table.
18. 2406-01-102-2-35 - Tree park - PCCF HOFF HQ
The object of this scheme is to provide better environment to public in urban areas. Under this scheme, It is envisaged to setting-up of 4 urban forest parks near Bengaluru city and 29 such forest parks near each of District Headquarters in the state for providing good environmental facilities to the local citizens.
19. 2406-01-102-2-36-Maguvigondu Mara Shalegondu Vana - APCCF Development
This scheme has been introduced to create awareness regarding ecology and environment among school children and to encourage them to plant. Under this scheme, protected area available around educational institution will be identified. Seedlings of Fruit yielding, flowering and shade trees are provided to school authorities for raising plantation. Schools from Primary, College and up to Universities are involved. Seedlings are distributed to school children for planting in their households or field on voluntary basis.
20. 2406-01-789-0-00-Special Component Plan - APCCF Development
The main object of the scheme is to uplift the S.C. families by planting the fruit yielding seedlings in their land and also in SC localities. In addition to this, other benefits are also provided like distribution of Solar lamps, Sarala ole and L.P.G Gas stoves, supplying bamboo & cane to local artisans, establishing Bio-Fuel plants etc.
21. 2406-01-796-0-00 - Tribal Sub-Plan - APCCF Development
The main object of the scheme is to uplift the S.T. families by planting the fruit yielding seedlings in their lands and also in ST localities. In addition to this, other benefits like distribution of solar lamps, Sarala ole and L.P.G Gas stoves, supplying bamboo & cane to local artisans, establishing Bio-Fuel plants to the beneficiaries are also provided.
22. 2406-01-800-0-14- Voluntary Rehabilitation of families from Tiger Reserve and National Parks - PCCF WL
As per the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act -1972 areas of Tiger Reserves (comprising of National Park & Wildlife sanctuary) are inviolate. The families residing within National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are required to be voluntarily relocated outside the Protected Areas (National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries) by providing a rehabilitation package as well as payment of amount as per the valuation fixed by the Revenue Department for revenue lands (towards the land acquisition). Under this scheme Rehabilitation of SC & ST families are also being taken up.
23. 2406-01-800-0-15-Long term measures to redress man animal conflict: PCCF WL
Due to inadequate rains, the problem of shortage of fodder and water has become acute in wildlife range areas. These factors caused escalation in man-animal conflict. To prevent man-animal which is more prevalent in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chamarajnagar, Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, Hassan and some of the other districts this scheme was started from 2013-14.
24. 2406-02-110-0-01-Nature Conservation of Wildlife
Elephant menace is on increase particularly in Mysuru, Hassan, Kodugu, chamarajnagar, Bengaluru and also in other places. To tackle elephant menace problems, Protection works such as Excavation of elephant proof trenches, erection of solar fencing between forest area and agricultural land etc., are carried out under this scheme.
25. 2406-02-110-0-49-Kudremukh National Park for Rehabilitation - PCCF WL
The object of this scheme is to support for rehabilitation of families from Kudremukh National Park.
26. 2406-02-110-0-50- Development of Newly declared Sanctuaries and Conservation Reserves - PCCF WL
To strengthen the connectivity between the National Parks and Sanctuaries, action was taken in the recent years to bring more Reserved Forest areas under the fold of Protected Area Network. The State has recently identified and declared more forest areas as Sanctuaries. The funds received under this scheme are mainly utilized for conservation of endangered species, habitat improvement and other developmental activities.
27. 4406-01-070-0-02-Buildings
The object of the scheme is construction, capital expenses on buildings, completion of ongoing spillover works, construction of compound walls and other basic infrastructure.
28. 4406-01-070-0-03- Construction of Quarters for the frontline staff - PCCF HOFF & APCCF LR
The object of the scheme is construction of new residential quarters for the frontline staff in a phased manner. These quarters are being constructed at forest headquarters or hobli headquarters where there are educational facilities up to High School level, so that the staff can avail the basic educational facility for their children.
29. 2406-01-102-2-81-Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management and Bio- Diversity conservation scheme & 4406-01-102-2-81-Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity scheme - APCCF Projects
With an objective to restore the degraded forests to bring about ecological restoration and also to facilitate livelihood improvement of the inhabitants of the project villages by afforestation through Joint Forest Planning and Management (JFPM) in the state of Karnataka, which further contributes to reducing poverty and preserving biodiversity in the area, Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management & Bio Diversity Conservation (KSFMBC) Project was under implementation with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from the year 2005-06 to 2012-13 (8 Years). The project is being implemented in all the 30 districts of the state.

Urban, Bengaluru Rural, Ramanagara, Kolar, Chikkaballapur, Bellari, Chitradurga, Koppal, Davanagere, Bidar, Kalaburagi,Yadairi, Raichur, Bagalkot, Vijayapura, Gadag, Tumakuru, and Mandya. Under part B the afforestation target is 56,000 ha.

Main activities of the project are Afforestation, Soil conservation and Moisture Conservation, Farm Forestry, Biodiversity Conservation, Joint Forest Planning & Management by forming Village Forest Committees, Habitat improvement in Protected Areas, restoration of mangroves in the Coastal regions, Research, Training infrastructure development, GIS-MIS etc.