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Other Programmes - Non-Plan Schemes
Name of the Scheme/Project Objectives/Purpose Budget Head Budget Allotted
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District sector schemes are being implemented through Social Forestry divisions. Details of district sector schemes are as below.
1. Forest Research
Expenditure on maintenance of research plots, clonal orchards, seed production stands, medicinal plots and seed testing, bio-fertilizer studies, etc. are met under this head of account.
2. Working Plan organization
Expenditure on survey and demarcation works on the ground by fixing RF stones, writing working plans, enumeration, laying sample plots, survey in the compartments, constructing Cairns etc; are being met under this scheme.
3. Roads, Bridges, water supply and Building maintenance
Expenditure on repair and maintenance of forest roads and bridges, forest rest houses, office buildings, checking nakas, providing water supply facility are being met under this scheme.
4. Maintenance of Residential quarters
Expenditure on repair and maintenance of residential quarters is being met under this scheme.
5. Forest Protection, Regeneration and Cultural Operation: PCCF HOFF & APCCF HQ & C
a. Protection from Fire
Out of the total forest area of 38 lakh hectares, at least half of the forest areas is prone to forest fire. Every year fire is set in these forests both accidentally and intentionally by miscreants. Fire incidents in forest areas are occurring more and more especially in the deciduous forests, where valuable timber species like Teak and Rosewood occur. Frequent fires occur in the National Parks like Nagarahole, Bandipur, etc. causing much damages to the flora and fauna. To Control and prevent fire incidents during summer season, fire protection measures like: cutting and clearing of under growth, formation and clearing fire lines and engaging fire watchers in vulnerable areas are taken up.
b. Cultural Operations
Plan schemes provide for raising and maintenance of plantations for 3 years only. It is necessary to maintain the plantations for 5 to 7 years, depending upon t)le species planted and stocking. As such the plantations raised under the plan schemes are being maintained under this programme. All charges connected with concentrated regeneration of forests under working plans with nurseries and planting for filling blanks or replanting felled areas, thinning in teak Plantations, tending and heavy cultural operations in older plantations are met out of the funds provided under this programme.
6. Afforestation in other areas
Apart from the State budget provision, money received from publics and others is first remitted to States exchequer and the amount required for taking afforestation/ developmental works.
7. Karnataka Forest Development Fund
Funds provided under plan schemes for afforestation programmes are hardly 0.54 percent of the total plan outlay of the State; whereas the area under the control of the forest department is about 20 percent of the geographical area. With a view to generate additional resources required for afforestation activities, Section 98A was introduced in Karnataka Forest Act, 1963 during 1975, providing for levy of Forest Development Tax on the value of forest produce disposed off by Government and Government owned Corporations. The forest development tax is levied at 12 percent when the forest produce is sold to industries and 8 percent in other cases. The Forest Development Tax is first credited to the Consolidated Fund of the State and subsequently it is transferred to the Karnataka Forest Development fund as charged expenditure. Every year, the estimated amount of Forest Development Tax that would be collected is provided to the department under Karnataka Forest Development Fund Schemes, which is used for raising forest plantations and for such other purposes which are ancillary thereto. Budget Provision for 2013-14 was Rs.25000.00 lakh and an amount of Rs.24765.40 lakh has been spent for raising 46,993.55 ha. of plantations, maintenance of 63926.70 ha. of plantations, advance works over 29989.50 ha. with required seedlings for raising plantation.
8. Extraction of Timber and other Forest Produce
All charges for works connected with extraction of timber (viz., felling, conversion & transportation) & firewood, uprooting, collection and transportation of sandalwood trees & stumps from forest areas as well as private holdings to Government Sandalwood Depot and conversion of rough sandal wood, extraction of green bamboos required for supply to Medars and dead & flowered bamboos for supply to Paper Mills and (d) extraction of Canes required for supply to village Artisans and Cottage & Small Scale Industries are met under this scheme. During 2013-14, Rs.3468.54 lakh was spent for payment of extraction and related bills.
9. Nature Conservation
Fund provided under this head of account is spent for protection and maintenance of anti-poaching camps. During 2013-14, RS.174.49 lakh was spent for payment of wages to the mazdoors engaged for protection works, fire protection works, maintenance of anti-poaching camps.
10. Development of Protected Areas
Revenue received in Protected Areas is being ploughed back to Protected Area Management fund and utilized mainly for development and maintenance of such Protected Areas. During 2013-14 RS.374.74 lakh was spent for weeding of lantana, desilting of old water holes, fodder cultivation, maintenance of roads, culverts and SMC works, boundary consolidations, anti-poaching camp sheds, EPT & Solar fencing repair & maintenance etc,. drinking water facilities to tourists, sign boards, video, publicity materials, training to nearby school students, vehicles for tourists. Maintenance & creation of capital works related to tourism activities etc.