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Centrally Sponsored Schemes
Name of the Scheme/Project Objectives/Purpose Budget Head Budget Allotted
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1. 2406-01-101-2-19-Conservation and Management of Mangroves—APCCF Development & CCF Bamboo Mission
The Government of India provides 100 percent financial assistance for implementation of this scheme, with main objectives of conservation and protection of Mangrove ecosystem from further degradation, afforestation of degraded Mangroves areas, maintenance of genetic diversity especially of the threatened and endemic species and creation of awareness among the people on importance of Mangrove ecosystems. Making efforts with participation of communities to undertake rehabilitation and afforestaion/reforestation of Mangroves.
2. 2406-01-102-2-17-CSS-Intensification of Forest Management - APCCF FRM
The Government of India provides 75 percent financial assistance for implementation of this scheme, which aims at modernization of working plan units, survey and land record machinery and fire surveillance systems, strengthening of infrastructure for forest Protection.
3. 2406-02-UO-O-02- Project Tiger - PCCF WL
This scheme is being implemented from 1973 and the Government of India provides 100 percent assistance for non-recurring items. GOI and State Govt. will provides 50% share each for recurring items. Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Rajiv Gandhi (Nagarahole) Tiger Reserve, Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Anshi-Dandeli Tigers and Biligiri Ranganatha Tiger Reserve were under the Project Tiger. The works carried out under this scheme are establishment of Tiger Protection Force, monsoon patrolling squads, construction & maintenance of staff quarters, prevention of poaching by organizing anti-poaching camps, formation & maintenance of roads, maintenance of wireless sets, vehicles, fire protection work, formation of water holes to provide drinking water to the animals, publicity activities, Habitat Improvement works and Eco-developmental works etc.
4. 2406-02-110-0-47-CSS for Development of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries- PCCF WL
This scheme provides for assisting "National Parks and Sanctuaries, which are duly notified under Wildlife (Protection) Act and other than those getting central assistance under centrally sponsored schemes Project Tiger. The Central Government vide letter F.No. 21- 1/2009-WLI, dated: 21-01-2009 have expanded the scope and incorporated additional components/activities viz., "Support to Protected Areas (National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves) " "Protection of Wildlife outside the Protected Areas" and "Recovery Programmes for Critically Endangered Species and Habitats" in the ongoing Centrally Sponsored Scheme-"Assistance for the Development of National Parks and Sanctuaries" and renamed it as "CSS-Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitat" during the 11th Five Year Plan period. Under this scheme 100% assistance is provided by Government of India for "non-recurring item of works" and 50% for "recurring works" and whereas the State Government provides remaining 50% as matching grant.

Item of works financed under the scheme are augmentation of water supply, habitat improvement, protection of wildlife including measures to check poaching and improve vigilance, boundary demarcation, veterinary facilities for both health and care of wild animals, Research, training and educational facilities, construction of roads, buildings of staff, compensation for depredation by wild animals, erection of physical barrier to protect crops from animal depredation, etc. This scheme has been implemented in Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sancutuary, Arbithittu Bird Sanctuary, Attiveri Bird Sanctuary, Bannerghatta National Park, Bramhagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Daroji Bear Sanctuary, Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Jayamangali Black-Buck Conservation Reserve, Kudremukh National Park, Melkote Wildlife Sanctuary, Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranebennur Blockbuck sanctuary, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Ramnagar Vulture Sancturary, Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary, Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary, Someswar Wildlife Sanctuary, Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary.