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Central Plan Schemes
Name of the Scheme/Project Objectives/Purpose Budget Head Budget Allotted
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1. 2406-02-110-0-20-Nilgiri BiosphereReserve: PCCF WL
A portion of Nagarahole National Park, Hunsur Bandipur National Park & BRT Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamarajnagar forms part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve consisting of the areas of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka States. The Central Govt. is financing the State Government for value addition activities setting up of pilot plots, Rehabilitation of landscape of threatened species and ecosystem, Socio-economic upliftment of local communities, Education and Training. The Government of India provides 100 percent assistance for this scheme.
2. 2406-02-110-0-23-ProjectElephant: PCCF WL
This scheme envisages protection and development of elephant habitat in different parts of the State. The works taken up in this scheme are Immunization of cattle in the fringes of Elephant Reserves, procurement of tranquilization equipments and drugs, setting up well equipped wildlife squads at strategic points to help the villages in chasing away wild elephants, creation of fire lines, patrolling paths and protection camps, training of staff / enforcement techniques, training of veterinary doctors in treating sick and injured elephants and conducting post mortem, training of villagers in anti-depratation techniques including erection of electric fence, preparation/updating of management plans / eco-development activities of Elephant Reserves, erecting electric fence at strategic places, raising nursery and undertaking habitat enrichment plantations in Elephant Reserves and recoginised corridors, publicity and awareness programme in and around Elephant Reserves, survey and registration of domesticated elephants, procurement of rifles / guns / ammunition for protection works, research/monitoring works, eco-development works in and around elephant corridors and non-PA components demarcation and consolidation of corridors by procuring land, capturing of elephant, medicines and gears for departmental elephants.