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Information on purchasing Seedlings

1. Who should be contacted for getting seedlings?

The jurisdictional Range Forest Officer should be Contacted(Click Here) for getting seedlings.

2. Where can I get seedlings from the forest department?

The seedlings are raised in forest nurseries from where they can be procured (list of nurseries).

3. Who can request for getting seedlings from the department?

Any farmer / common man / organization can request for seedlings from forest department.

4. Is there any free distribution of seedlings?

Under NREGA seedlings are raised in the department nurseries and formers are given cost of planting and maintenance of the seedlings for planting in their land, provided the programme is approved by the concerned Gram Panchayat. However there is no free distribution of seedlings under state sector / district sector schemes.

5.What are the rates applicable the various kind of seedlings ?

As per the Government Order Dated 25-02-2009, the rates applicable to the various kinds of seedlings are as follows:

Sl No. Size of the polythene bag Rates applicable from 2008-09
1 4” x 6” Rs.1.00/- per seedlings
2 5” x 8” Rs.1.00/- per seedlings
3 8” x 12” Rs.3.00/- per seedlings

6. What are the schemes under which seedlings are raised for public distribution purpose?

Territorial Divisions – Raising of Seedlings for Public Distribution (RSPD) – State sector Scheme.

Social Forestry Divisions – NREGA.

7. Can any organization deposit funds with the department for raising seedlings?

Yes. In case the seedlings are required by any organization, it can deposit the required funds with the concerned forest division. However, since the raising of seedlings require minimum 10-12 months, the amount should be deposited one year in advance.

8.Why seedlings are not available in sufficient number as required by various organization?

Seedlings are raised during a particular year by the various divisions depending on the fund allocation. The demand for the seedlings is high, particularly, during monsoon and hence the seedlings get utilized very fast. Therefore it is suggested that the seedlings requirement may be placed one year in advance.
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