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Krushi Aranya Prothsaha Yojane

1. Proceedings of the department regarding involvement of NGO's in encouraging the KAPY.

As per the National Forest Policy, 33% of the Geographical area must be tree cover. To achieve the goal the Department is implementing various afforestation programmes. Since the target of afforestation is very high, greening must be done through a revolution. This can be achieved successfully by voluntarily of farmers, public and NGOs.

To enlist the cooperation of farmers and general public in the noble task of increasing tree cover, the Krishi Aranya Protsaha Yojane, the State government’s scheme has launched from the year 2011. As per the guidelines of the programme, the farmers, public and NGOs may obtain the seedlings at subsidized rates at nearest nurseries of the department and incentives are given to farmers to encourage them to grow native tree species on their lands.

In the Government Order No. FEE 94 FAP 2017 dated 19.06.2017 incentive has been enhanced to Rs.100/- applicable from 2018 for the seedlings planted during 2017-18 to the farmers at the rate of Rs.30/- in the first and second year and Rs.40/- during third year amounting to Rs.100/- for each survived seedling.