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Brief details of Biodiversity Heritage Sites of Karnataka

Sl No Name of the BHS Taluk Details of Biodiversity importance and area coverage Name of BMC responsible for BHS Notification No. Village Survey numbers. Area
1 Nallur Tamarind Grove Devanahalli The site comprises of 53.2 Acre area. The Tamarind grove is believed to have its origin during the period of Chola dynasty. Comprises of 300 gigantic trees which are very old. Carbon dating of wood samples showed that tree No: 155 is 410 years old and remaining trees are around 200 years old. Nallur BMC FEE 154 ENV 2006, BANGALORE. DATED: 24.01.2007 Nalluru Sy. No. 1 53.2 Acres
2 Gandhi Krishi Vignyan Kendra Campus (GKVK) Bengaluru North The site comprises of 167 Hectares area. Has extensively developed a variety of agro and biotech research plots, nurtured landscape to support a range of flora and fauna. The campus is considered as one of the greenest areas in Bangalore. In addition to research the university has supported the collection of wide range of germplasms, evolved a botanical garden with nearly 600 species of important plants, also has herbal gardens and a range of agriculturally important microbes etc. GKVK BMC FEE.132 ENV 2009 DATED: 02.09.2010 Area
ThindluArea ASy. No. 116
ChikkabommasandraArea BSy. No.78
KodigehalliArea CSy. No.116
KodigehalliArea DSy. No.128
ChikkabommasandraArea E1Sy. No.77
Thindlu villageArea E2Sy. No.1214
Thindlu villageArea E3Sy. No.9 & 106
KodigehalliArea E4Sy. No.116
KodigehalliArea E5Sy. No.193 & 1978
KodigehalliArea E6Sy. No.196 & 19913
Allalasandra villageArea E7Sy. No.8714
Allalasandra villageArea E8Sy. No.8412
Byatarayanapura villageArea E9Sy. No.100 & 1013
Allalasandra villageArea E10Sy. No.46
ChikkabommasandraArea E6Sy. No.196 & 19913
Total167 Hectare
3 Hogrekan Kadur The site comprises of 2508.06 acre area. Has good vegetation and is a link with Bababudangiri and Kemmangundi, adjoining Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary and Yemedoddi tiger reserve this is also part of tiger habitat. Has unique Shola and grassland vegetation belonging to dry deciduous forests with a number of unique floral species and medicinal plants. The area was under the threat of encroachment and illicit removals, prone to forest fire. Attempts were made by vested interests to do mining. The area was later declared as BHS. Balliganoor BMC FEE.35 ENV 2009. DATED: 04.09.2010 Hogrehalli Sy. No. 77 384.06
Sy. No.94358.17 Acres
Sy. No.95336.28 Acres
Sy. No.140395.25 Acres
Sy. No.142446.18 Acres
Sy. No.143586.32 Acres
Total2508.15 Acres
4 Ambargudda Sagar The site comprises of 3857.17 Acres. It is a revenue land located between Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and Kudremukh National Park. This area is rich in forest density and harbors a wide range of biological diversity. The plant resources of this area comprises of evergreen, semi-evergreen and shola forests, while main fauna are tiger, panther, bison, bear, sambar, deer, Giant Squirrel, wild pig, lion tailed macaque and variety of insects, birds, ants of special genera, amphibians, new variety of honey bee. Shankanna Shanuboga BMC FEE 21 ENV 2010, BANGALORE. DATED: 18.11.2011 Marati village Sy. No. 95, 116, 117, 125, 136, 141, 161, 205, 207. 3,857.17 Acres
Adagalale VillageSy.No. 93, 96
Kodavanahalli VillageSy.No. 16, 39