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Allotment of Sandalwood

1. What are the prevailing rates for retail sale of sandal?

The rates for 2015-16 are published. Please find the rates in the table below. (Notification)

2. Who can sanction retail sale of sandal?

As per the financial power sanctioned to the officers of the forest department vide Government Order No. Aa.Pa.Ji. 102 Aa.Pa.Se. 99, Dated 04-09-2003, the following categories of forest officers can sanction retail sale of sandalwood:

  DCF                      –    3kg
 CF                         –    10kg
 APCCF/CCF         –    20kg
 PCCF                   –    Full Power

Remarks: Actual allotment in individual cases may be limited keeping in view the availability and policy decisions.

3. The retails sale of sandal is fixed on what basis?

The retail sale rate of sandal is fixed by Government on the basis of recommendation from Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force). These rates are based on the auction sale rates of various classes of sandalwood in the respective sandal depots on the previous year.

4. Who is eligible to get sandalwood at retail rate?

Any public person / religious institutions / public sector under taking / organization can apply for sandalwood at retail rate.

5. Who should be contacted for applying for sandalwood at retail rate?

  • If requirement is less than 3 kg – Deputy Conservator of Forests having sandal depots under their control (Mysuru, Dharwad, Shivamogga Divisions)
  • For more than 3 Kg and upto 10 kg – Conservator of Forests (Mysuru, Dharwad and Shivamogga).
  • For more than 10 kg – APCCF (FRM), Aranya Bhavan, Bengaluru.

6. What are the most recent rates brought in by the government?

Sl No. Type of Sandalwood Revised rate in Rs
(per kg)
1 Vilayetbud (Billets-I) 10285
2 Chinabudh (Billets-II) 10897
3 Panjam (Billets-III) 9877
4 Ghotla 6410
5 Ghatabadla 9137
6 Bagardad 8792
7 Roots-I 4920
8 Roots-II 4980
9 Roots-III 5100
10 Jajpokal-I 10939
11 Jajpokal-II 10388
12 Ainbagar 7150
13 Cheriya 4350
14 Ain Chilta 4569
15 Hatri Chilta 2585
16 Milvachilta 2153
17 Basola bukni 1728
18 Sawdust 750
19 White Chips 80
20 Bark & waste 24