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Allotment of Cane

1. Who is eligible for getting allotment of cane?

A small scale cane based industry registered with the Department of Commerce and Industries is eligible for allotment of cane.

2. Is there any prescribed format for submission of application form?

No, there is no specific format for the submission of application form. But the concerned industry should enclose the registration certificate from Department of Commerce and Industries.

3.To whom the application should be submitted?

The application should be submitted to the Chief Conservator of Forests of the Circle concerned, within whose jurisdiction the Unit is located, who after proper verification will allot canes in accordance with the Circular No. A6/Cane/CR-127/2011-12 dated 08.07.2013 of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force).

4. What is the maximum quantity of cane that a Cane unit may get in a year?

Considering the limited availability of canes in the state, an annual ceiling of maximum 500 super-sized canes worth canes per Cane Industrial Unit has been fixed at present for allotment by the Chief Conservator of Forests of the Territorial Circle.

Remarks: Actual allotment in individual cases may be limited further keeping in view the availability and policy decisions.

Notification (2017-18)

Notification (2018-19)

Sl No. Kind of cane Revised rate in Rs
(per cane)
(excluding taxes)
1 Big super-size (Girth at butt end more than 15 cm, Length 12 feet) 110.00
2 Big cane (Girth at lout and more than 12 cm and less than 15 cm, 12 feet length) 56.00
3 Small cane (Girth at lout and more than 8 cm and less than 12 cm, 12 feet length) 25.00