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Allotment of Bamboo

1. Who is eligible for getting allotment for bamboo from the department?

Any person is eligible to get bamboo from the department for bonafide use. However bamboo is supplied at subsidized rate to the medars in order to encourage the artisans.

2. Who has power to sanction allotment of bamboo?

At sanctioned price, the following are the powers of various levels of officers to allot bamboo.

PCCF                  –    Full power
APCCF (FRM)   –    Full power
CF                       –    1500 bamboos each case
DCF                   –    600 bamboos each case

Remarks: Actual allotment in individual cases may be limited keeping in view the availability and policy decisions.

3. Is there any prescribed format for the application form for allotment of bamboo?

No, there is no specific format. A general application may be submitted.

4. The application should be submitted to whom?

The application should be submitted to the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests, who may ask for additional documents like Registration Certificate in case of Medar Sanghas.

5. What are the rates at which bamboo is allotted?

The rates sanctioned(excluding taxes) for the year 2018-19 are as follows (Notification for 2017-18
Notification(Bamboo) for 2018-19
Notification(Dendracalamus stocksii) for 2018-19)
Sl No. Type of bamboo and length Rate fixed for Medars
excluding taxes
( per 100 bamboos)
in Rs.
Rate fixed for non-Medars
excluding taxes
(per 100 bamboo)
in Rs.
1 Dowga (big) bamboo more than 18 feet 5100.00 5310.00
2 Dowga (big) bamboo between 12 feet to 18 feet 4020.00 4230.00
3 Small bamboo (more than 18 feet long) 2550.00 2810.00
4 Small bamboo (between 12 feet to 18 feet) 2325.00 2590.00
5 12 feet to 15 feet long Dendracalamus stocksii(Marihal bamboo) 1500.00 1800.00

6. Who is eligible for allotment of bamboo at medar rate?

An artisan registered with the Medar Association (a registered society under the society registration act) is eligible for applying for bamboo at medars rate.