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Dr. S. Ramesh.

Deputy Conservator of Forests
APMC Road, Behind Maradi gudda, Kollegal- 571 440 Chamarajanagar Dist.

ABOUT Division

Cauvery wildlife division is spread over three districts, namely, Chamarajanagar, Mandya and Ramanagara. The wildlife sanctuary was originally notified in 1987 with an area of about 510 Km². Subsequently it was expanded by adding more forest areas in stages, and its present extent is 1,027 Km². Cauvery wildlife division has two sub-divisions, namely, Hanur and Kanakapura sub-divisions, and consists of seven ranges, namely, Kothnur, Hanur, Cowdally, Gopinatham, Halagur, Sangam and Muggur ranges. The sanctuary provides a vital link between Bannerghatta National Park in the north and BRT Tiger Reserve and MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in the south. The area is drained by three rivers, namely, Cauvery, Arkavathi and Shimsha, along with their numerous rivulets. The forest is primarily of dry deciduous and scrub types, but a wide range of forest types including moist deciduous, semi-evergreen, evergreen, shola, riverine, Hardwickia forest, etc. are encountered at different altitudes. Important animals found in the sanctuary are tiger, elephant, leopard, bison, wild dog, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, sloth bear, wild boar, common langur, bonnet macaque, giant squirrel, honey badger (ratel), chevrotain, kollegal ground gecko, varieties of reptiles and birds, etc.

Cauvery Wild Life Map