It is a centrally sponsored Forest Fire Prevention and Management scheme with 60 central share and 40 State share which aims at overall protection of forest from fire. This scheme was earlier known as Intensification of Forest Management Scheme and was rechristened in 2017-18. Works carried out under the scheme include protection of forest from fire, creation of fire lines, maintenance of existing fire lines, construction of water storage structures, purchase of modern fire fighting equipment, awareness campaigns regarding control of forest fire, etc. In addition, the FRM wing monitors implementation of the following state sector non-plan schemes: • Forest Protection, Regeneration and Cultural Operations • Timber and Other Forest Produce Removed by Government Agency. Between these two schemes, the first one is for general improvement of forest through various means such as protection, regeneration and cultural operations, including nursery and thinning operations. The second scheme is primarily to meet the expenses towards extraction and transportation of forest produce.