The process of releasing mineral ore from forest land and the issue of transit permits for vehicles ferrying such mineral ore is being regulated and monitors through the Forest Produce Tracking System (FPTS) since 2012. This online system is the first of its kind in the country and is presently integrated with the “Integrated Lease Management System” of the Department of Mines & Geology (DMG). This integrated system facilitates single platform to lesees&buyers to apply for Bulk permits of DMG and the corresponding Release orders of the Forest Department. On requisites approvals “Integrated Transit Permits “with data of both DMG and KFD are generated through the system. The integrated system has features that enable users to obtain hassle-free services such as, • Single window platform for availing transit permits of KFD & DMG. • Online application for amendment of Bulk permits & Release orders simultaneously. • Online mechanism for locking, unlocking and surrender of integrated transit permits. • Consolidation reports at finger tips. The FPTS system has also ensured that the foot fall to offices is reduced significantly. The integrated system which deployed, since 01-04-2019, is being used on day –to-day basis by the buyers, lease holders, departmental users. An average of 5000 integrated transit permits are being generated through this system. Transacting under this system for, Click below

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