The information communication Technology wing of the department was established in 2010 in the Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force) to usher in e-Governance in the department. The wing is involved in development and deployment of ICT initiatives in order to bring about process automation and process re-engineering in the core functioning of the wings of the Department, enhance transparency and efficiency by adopting MIS, GIS and RS technology and to strengthen IT infrastructure and networking in the department. Software development is being carried out in consultation and requests various wings of the department. The solutions are developed within the e-Governance framework to aid in decision support and management. Major applications developed and deployed by ICT wing include the following. 1. Integrated Transit Permit System for Mineral movement from Forest Land 2. Android based e-Evaluation of Forest Department works 3. E-Timber for Timber depot stock, auction, payments and transit pass 4. E-Parihara for sanction of ex-Gratia for Man- animal conflict cases. 5. E-Nursery for seedling stock management n forest nurseries 6. E-Prahari for management of field patrols and works. The department is also creating Geospatial database of Forest Lands of Karnataka at a cadastral level, in which Regional Remote Sensing Centre, South and Survey Settlement and Land Records Department are part of the project. The project is being implemented under the K-GIS platform and is spearheaded by the Working Plan wing of the department. ICT wing is coordinating this project which is the first of its kind in the country.