ABOUT Division

Chitradurga forest division occupies a central position in the eastern plains of Karnataka and its boundaries are co-terminus with those of Chitradurga district. The division has about 1,28,718 hectares of recorded forest area which constitute about 15.25 of its geographical area of 8,440 Km². The division has two sub-divisions, namely, Chitradurga and Hiriyur sub-divisions, and six ranges, namely, Chitradurga, Challakere, Hiriyur, Holalkere, Hosadurga and Molkalmuru ranges. There are 16 sections and 51 beats headed by Deputy Range Forest Officer and Forest Guard respectively for protection and management. The forests of Chitradurga vary from dry mixed deciduous type to thorny scrub type. Dry mixed deciduous forests occur in patches in certain forest blocks of Holalkere, Hosadurga, Hiriyur and Chitradurga ranges. However, most of these forest blocks along with the forests of Challakere and Molkalmuru ranges primarily harbor scrub forests, tending to thorny bushes in the driest localities. The forests of Jogimatti near Chitradurga town constitute a Wildlife Sanctuary covering an area of 10,048 hectares.

Chitradurga Division Map