Due to various reasons such as shrinkage of wildlife habitat, changes in land-use pattern, increase in wildlife population as a result of effective conservation measures, etc. there has been considerable increase in the instances of man-animal conflict in and around the forest and wildlife areas. The Government has taken up a number measures to reduce the frequency of occurrence of man-animal conflicts. However, various cases of conflicts are being reported every now and then. The Government has been providing ex-gratia relief to the aggrieved persons in case of crop damage caused by wild animals. The ex-gratia sanctioned for crop damage due to wild animals Wild animals as defined in section-2 (36) of The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972) is revised and fixed by the Government from time to time through various Government Orders. The GOs pertaining to sanctioning of ex-gratia in case of crop damages caused by wild animals are as below: 1. GO No: FEE 143 FWL 2010 Dated 30-04-2011 2. GO No: FEE 109 FAP 2014 Dated: 13-08-2014 3. GO No: FEE 130 FWL 2016 Dated 19-09-2016


  • Which is/are the Government Order concerned with payment of ex-gratia for crop damage due to wild animals?

    Government Order No. FEE 143 FWL 2010 Dated 30-04-2011, Government Order No. FEE 109 FAP 2014 dated 13-08-2014 and Government Order No. FEE 130 FWL 2016 dated 19-09-2016

  • Who is eligible for getting ex-gratia relief in case of crop due to wild animals?

    The land owner/ farmer/ applicant whose crop is raided by wild animal/s and provided that the land on which the crop existed is not an encroached land is eligible for getting ex-gratia relief.

  • What constitutes wild animal?

    The term Wild Animal should be understood in accordance with the definition that has been provided in Section 2(36) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. As per this definition, ‘Wild animal’ means any animal specified in Schedule I to IV and found wild in nature.

  • How much ex-gratia is payable in case of crop damage?

    The ex-gratia payable in case of crop damage is as per the ex-gratia rates provided vide GO No: FEE 130 FWL 2016 Dated 19-09-2016.

  • Is there a prescribed format for the application to be submitted for claiming ex-gratia relief?

    No. There is no prescribed format for submission of application. However, the application should be written legibly or typed on a plain paper including signature or thumb impression of the legal applicant.

  • To whom should the application be submitted for claiming ex-gratia relief?

    The application should be submitted to the concerned jurisdictional Range Forest Officer.

  • What are the documents required to be submitted for claiming ex-gratia relief?

    a. Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC) including ownership details, survey number of the affected land. b. Aadhar number c. Certificate issued by the Agriculture department regarding crop loss. d. Photographs of the damaged crop/ place of incidence. e. Bank Account details of the aggrieved/land owner to which the ex-gratia relief is to be credited.