Raising of seedling nurseries is one of the important tasks of the Forest Department. Seedlings are raised for using them in raising departmental plantations, for public distribution and farm forestry practices etc. The system facilitates monitoring of seedling stock in forest nurseries, stock verification and seedling disposal updations in real near time. The application also provides information to public regarding availability of seedlings-species wise, across various nurseries of the State. Krishi-Aranya Protsaha Yojane module is also available in the software which enables farmers to register under the Krishi Aranya Protsaha Yojane (KAPY) scheme. KAPY is an incentive-based farm forestry program, wherein the beneficiary is provided with ₹30, ₹40, and ₹40 per surviving seedling over three consecutive years. Android app for KAPY inspection and reporting enables the departmental user to record status of seedlings planted under KAPY scheme.

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