A new scheme called “Chinnara Vana Darshana” was initiated during the financial year 2014-15 vide Government Order No. FEE 88 FAP 2015 dated: 15-07-2015. The objective of the scheme was to create awareness among High School students ( IX standard) of the State for sensitizing them towards conservation of Forests and Wildlife. Children in their formative years, once sensitized about the role and importance of forests, will be partners in future conservation efforts. Further the scope of the scheme was enhanced to include students of 6th, 7th and 8th Standards through the Government Order No. FEE 33 FAP 2017 dated: 22-02-2017.


  • What are the objectives of Chinnara Vanadarshana Scheme ?

    The scheme aims to create awareness among students of government High Schools about forest and wildlife conservation, so that they become nature friendly citizens.

  • From which year Government of Karnataka initiated the Chinnara Vanadarshana scheme?

    The scheme was initiated is the financial year 2015-16.

  • What are the activities taken up for implementation the scheme

    There are 14472 Government High School in Karnataka. The scheme aim to provide nature education to 6th to 9th Standard school children by taking them to neighbouring Reserve Forest area / Sanctuary National Park. Forest Officers / Nature guides explain the school children about the ecological role of forests. They also visit Range Forest Offices, nurseries, timber depot, Daivi Vana, Tree Park etc to learn about the various activities of Forest Department.

  • If any school is interested to take part in this programme. When they should contact?

    If any school is interested to send their students for such a programme, they should contact the nearest Territorial / Wildlife Division office for the purpose