Shri. Sidramappa M.C. ,IFS

Deputy Conservator of Forests
O/o Deputy Conservator of Forests, Territorial Division, Near Zoo Compound, Radio Park, Bellary

ABOUT Division

Ballari territorial forest division is located in the central region of the eastern sector of the state of Karnataka. The jurisdiction of Ballari territorial forest division extends over the whole Ballari district except Harapanahalli taluk. The total extent of notified forest lands (i.e. notified Reserved Forest under section 17 and section 4 of KFA 1963) of the Ballari territorial forest division is 1,41,527.1 hectares which constitute about 16.74 of the district geographical area of 8,450 Km². Ballari territorial forest division consists of three sub-divisions, namely, Ballari sub-divisions, Hospet sub-divisions and Kudligi sub-divisions, and eight ranges, namely, Ballari territorial range, Hoovinahadagali territorial range, Hospet territorial range, Kudligi territorial range, Sandur North territorial range, Sandur South territorial range, Gudekote territorial range (also in-charge of Gudekote Sloth Bear Sanctuary), and Daroji Wildlife ranges (in-charge of Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Kamalapur). The vegetation of Ballari territorial forest division varies from dry mixed deciduous type to thorny scrub types. Barring the Sandur forests and to some extent a number of forests in Hospet and Kudligi ranges which have some fairly good patches of dry mixed deciduous forest, most of the forest blocks of the territorial forest division, especially in the eastern part, harbor large extents of scrub forests which tend to be thorny bushes in the driest localities. The Ballari territorial forest division has two Wildlife Sanctuaries, namely, Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary (82.72 Km²) and Gudekote Sloth Bear Wildlife Sanctuary (47.61 Km²) and two conservation reserves namely Tungabhadra River Otter Conservation Reserve (34 km long stretch of Tungabhadra river and river bed from Hole Mudlapura village of Koppal taluk till the bridge at Kampli Kote area of Hospet taluk) and Ankasamudra Bird Conservation Reserve (244.04 acres). Ballari territorial forest division (Siruguppa taluk) remains the lone habitat in the state of Karnataka for the Critically Endangered Great Indian Bustard.

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