Activities being carried out by Karnataka Forest Department under the CAMPA can be grouped into three broad categories: A) Compensatory Afforestation: It refers to raising plantation on the land that has been received by the Forest Department in lieu of the forest land that has been diverted for non-forest purposes. The CA area is normally non-forest area equivalent in extent to the forest area that has been diverted. In certain cases, compensatory afforestation is carried out in degraded forest area twice in extent to the forest area that has been diverted. Funds for compensatory afforestation are provided by the project proponent. The works carried out under compensatory afforestation include raising seedlings, advance works, raising plantation, cultural operations, protection, etc. B) Site Specific Activities: Under this category, project specific activities are carried out in and around the project areas. These activities are: fencing of safety zone, raising plantation in safety zone, catchment area treatment plantation (CATP), canal plantation, medicinal plantation, soil and moisture conservation (SMC) works, supply of energy saving devices to the people living in the fringe villages, etc. C) Activities pertaining to utilization of Net Present Value (NPV): Under this category, activities like consolidation of forest boundary, forest protection, forest conservation, forest regeneration, wildlife protection and management, infrastructure development, etc. one taken up.