Shri. Ganapathi K ,IFS

Deputy Conservator of Forests
O/o Deputy Conservator of Forests, Moorakatte, Prabhatnagar, Honnavar-581334

ABOUT Division

Honavar forest Division is situated in the west coast in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The division includes entire Bhatkal, Honavar and Kumta taluks and part of Ankola taluk. The total extent of forest areas of the division is 1,40,901 hectares comprising 71 of the geographical area of the division (1,925.26 Km²). The division comprises both coastal areas and Ghat areas. Sharavati, Aghanashini and Gangavali are the three major rivers which run through the division and drain in to Arabian Sea. The division receives average rainfall of 3,500 mm to 4,000 mm per annum. It has three sub-divisions, namely, Honnavar, Bhatkal and Kumta sub-divisions, and consists of seven ranges, namely, Bhatkal, Manki, Honnavar, Gersoppa, Kumta, Katgal and Hiregutti ranges. The division has 28 sections and 79 beats. There are two timber depots, at Honnavar and Katgal. Honnavar division primarily consists of semi-evergreen, evergreen and secondary moist deciduous forests. There are some mangrove forests in the coastal areas.

Honavara Division Map