Under the programme ‘Raising of Seedlings for Public Distribution (RSPD)’, seedlings are raised for distribution among general public at subsidized rates to plant them in their non-agricultural lands. For this purpose, seedlings of suitable species are raised and kept in the nurseries of the Forest Department. The seedlings are made available in poly-bags of size 6”x9” and 8’x12”.


  • What is the procedure for obtaining seedlings under RSPD

    Person desirous of planting may visit a nearby nursery of the Forest Department and obtain the seedlings of his choice on payment at the following rates: • For seedlings in poly-bags of size 5”x8” and 6”x9” – Re 1/ per seedling • For seedlings in poly-bags of size 8’x12” – Rs 3/- per seedling • For seedlings in poly-bags of size 10”x16” – Rs 5/- per seedling

  • What should be done if seedlings applied for are not available in the nearby nursery

    In case the seedlings which are sought by the applicant are not available in the nearby nursery, a written endorsement to that effect should be obtained from the concerned in-charge or staff of the nursery. The seedlings may be obtained from another nursery of the range or the division, where such seedlings are available, by producing the written endorsement. In case applicant fails to obtain the seedlings from any nursery, the Forest Department would raise the seedlings during the same year and arrange to supply in the next rainy season.

  • How to ascertain the availability of seedlings in the nurseries

    Details regarding the availability of various species of seedlings are provided in “e-sasyakshetra” in website aranya.gov.in/aranyacms under the submenu ‘E-Initiative’ covered under the menu of “E-Gov”.