The vision of the Forest department is conservation, management and development of forests and tree growth on sustainable basis, for the present and the future generations. It envisages expansion of the forest and tree cover to one third of the geographical area of the state in consonance with the National Forest Policy, 1988. The focus of the department is on protecting the existing forests, greening all the barren areas of the state, and encouraging people to grow more and more trees in their lands so that the pressure on the natural forests is progressively reduced.


The department plans, executes, co-ordinates and monitors implementation of various forestry and wildlife programs to ensure ecological security and environmental balance by sustainable management of forests. It is also engaged in enhancing the forest and tree cover through people’s participation on benefit sharing basis in order to meet the people’s needs and for better realization of ecological goods and services.

  • Protection, conservation and consolidation of forests and protected areas (Consolidation, protection and conservation of forests, biodiversity and wildlife, and habitat improvement.)
  • Qualitative and quantitative enhancement of forest cover in the state (Afforestation, reforestation and regeneration of degraded forests, soil and moisture conservation.)
  • Sustainable management of forests (Sustainable harvest and livelihood support through people’s participation, capacity building of stakeholders, and effective delivery mechanisms.)
  • Expansion of tree cover outside forests (Agro-forestry, farm-forestry, tree improvement, Extension and Publicity)