The Working Plan wing of Karnataka Forest Department is entrusted with the task of preparing working plans and monitoring implementation of the working plans. It carries out survey and demarcation of forest areas. The process of constitution and declaration of reserved forests (RF) is also initiated by the Working Plan wing. These works are taken up under various plan and non-plan schemes of the Department. A state sector plan scheme, namely, “Working Plan Organization” is exclusively implemented by the Working Plan wing. Working Plan is a document for scientific management of forest. The preparation of a working plan is a technical operation and the document is prepared within a time-frame for a definite period, namely, the working plan period, which is normally ten years. The document is prepared by the working plan officer after considerable survey, inventory and consultations. Every working plan includes area-specific scientific preions for proper management of the forests of a particular forest division. Every working plan is approved by the Central Government in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC). Survey and Demarcation (S&D) works consist of survey of forest boundaries followed by their demarcation on the ground by means of RF stones, cairns or RCC pillars. Survey and Demarcation (S&D) works of Block and Compartment boundaries are done by fixing galvanized iron (GI) plates usually fixed on trees along the boundaries. Constitution and Declaration of reserved forest (RF): The State Government is empowered to propose any land which is the property of the Government as reserved forest as per Section 4 of the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963. The lands which are notified under Section 4 of the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963 are surveyed as well as mapped by the Working Plan wing and are declared as reserved forest after following due procedure as prescribed in Sections 5 to 18 of the Karnataka Forest Act, 1963. The Working Plan wing is responsible for updating forest records in 28 formats and in 7 categories. It is the custodian of all forest maps of the state. Subjects related to Deemed forest, Forest Settlement, etc. are handled in the Working Plan wing.