Shri. G.U.Shankar SFS

Deputy Conservator of Forests
Deputy Conservator of Forests, Shimoga Division, Shimoga Near RTO Office, D.C. Compound Shimoga

ABOUT Division

Shivamogga forest division is situated in the western part of Karnataka state. It covers the revenue taluks of Thirthahalli and Shivamogga (part). Some of the prime forest areas of the erstwhile Shivamogga forest division have been transferred to Shivamogga wildlife and Kudremukh wildlife divisions. The present forest area of the division is about 53,071.77 hectares, excluding the areas under MPM, Wildlife, KFDC, etc. The division has two sub-divisions, namely, Thirthahalli and Ayanur sub-divisions, and consists of six ranges, namely, Shankar, Mandagadde, Rippanpet, Ayanur, Thirthahalli and Agumbe ranges. Forests of Thirthahalli and Agumbe ranges are primarily of evergreen and semi-evergreen types. Shankar, Rippanpet and Mandagadde ranges have primarily semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests. Ayanur range has preponderance of dry deciduous forests. Biotic pressures on the forests, especially in the eastern part of the division and nearer to habitations, are very high. There is a Sandal Koti in Shivamogga, besides a timber depot at Alkola, Shivamogga.

Shimogga Division Map