The permission for felling of trees from Private land in Karnataka is accorded as per the provisions of Section (8) of Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act-1976. Tree Officers have been identified as per the Act. The Tree Felling Permission from Private Lands is also a citizen service under SAKALA. In order to facilitate online application (in Form-1) for tree felling permission, and submission of such application to the concerned TREE OFFICER, the system has an in-built intelligence to identify the tree officer and transfer the application to such officer. The application also indicated the pre-requisite documents required for felling permission and thereby reducing the delays attributed to department in obtaining the required documents from revenue department. Provision is made in the system for capturing the geo-coordinates of each tree proposed for felling along with its height and girth, and recommendation made at each stage till disposing of such applications. Interface to track the status of felling permission application is also provisioned for monitoring.

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