ABOUT Division

Sagar forest division is situated on the western side of Shivamogga forest division. It covers the revenue taluks of Sagar, Hosanagara, Shikaripura and Soraba. Considerable forest areas of the erstwhile Sagar division have been transferred to Shivamogga wildlife and Kudremukh wildlife divisions. The present forest area of Sagar forest division (after excluding areas transferred to Wildlife, MPM, KFDC, etc.) is about 1,14,933.39 hectares. The division has four sub-divisions, namely, Sagar, Soraba, Hosanagara and Shikaripura sub-divisions, and consists of ten ranges, namely, Nagara, Hosanagara, Ambligola, Shikaripura, Shiralkoppa, Anwatti, Soraba, Anandapura, Kargal and Sagar ranges. Forests of Sagar division on its western portion are of evergreen and semi-evergreen types. In the central portion of the division, moist deciduous forests with patches of semi-evergreen forests are met with. The eastern part of the division has dry deciduous forests which in many areas have degraded to scrub forests due to intense biotic pressures.

Sagar Division Map