Shri. Shivashankar E ,IFS

Deputy Conservator of Forests
Forest office, K.N.S. Post, Bangarpet Road, Kolar 563101

ABOUT Division

Kolar division is situated in the south-eastern portion of Karnataka state. The limits of Kolar division are the same as that of Kolar district. The total extent of recorded forest lands of Kolar division is 50,834 hectares constituting about 12.80 of the geographical area of the district (3,969 Km²). It has two sub-divisions, namely, Kolar and Bangarpet, and consists of five ranges, namely, Kolar, Malur, Bangarpet, Mulbagal, and Srinivaspur. Kolar Division consists of dry deciduous and scrub types of forest with species such as Chigare, Ale, Bekke, Kakke, Kagali, Lantana, Bandarike, Naviladi, Dindaga, Sandal, Bevu, Honge, Matti, Bidiru and different types of grass, etc. Blackbucks and Spotted deer are found in large numbers in the un-fragmented parts, which have a little forest growth. In the hill slopes and valleys, Leopard, Sloth bear and several kinds of reptiles are found, Cobras being very common. Kolar division has one Wildlife Sanctuary, namely, Kamasamudra Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kolar Division Map