Smt. Dipika Bajpai ,IFS

Deputy Conservator of Forests
Deputy Conservator of Forests, Gadag Division, Gadag Binkadakatti -582103

ABOUT Division

Gadag forest division is located in the central sector of Karnataka state. The limits of Gadag forest division are the same as those of Gadag district. The total extent of recorded forest lands of Gadag division is 33,337 hectares which constitute about 7.16 of the geographical area of the division (4,656 Km²). The division has one sub-division, namely, Gadag sub-division, and consists of three ranges, namely, Gadag, Mundargi and Shirahatti ranges. Most of the forest areas in the division are highly degraded with preponderance of thorny species. The forests with some vegetation are confined to the hill ranges of Kappatgudda, Shirahatti and Mundargi. The Kappatgudda hill ranges were once considered to be clothed with very good vegetation. These were also famous for varieties of medicinal plants. The Kappatgudda forests have been declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 2019 covering an area of 17,872 hectares.

Gadag Division Map