Forest Produce Tracking System 3.0
FPTS - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a lessee of an iron ore mine in forest area, do I need to register?

No, all Lessee are pre-registered in FPTS. You do not need to register again unless you have purchased ore in e-auction and need to transport ore.

2. I am Buyer of iron ore in e-auction; do I need to register in FPTS?

Yes , all buyers( including lessee if he has purchased ore in e-auction) needs to register in FPTS.

3. What is the process of registration and what is the fee?

Registration is a simple online/ offline process, where one is required to give details of material purchased by him, his FDT payments, destination and routes he needs to transport. There is no fee for the process. This form can be accessed at forestproduce.wordpress.com

4. Do I need to apply again through FPTS even if DCF has already released my ore and transportation has commenced?

Yes , in order to generate e-Transit Pass you need to apply again through FPTS. This application has to be for full quantity . The DCF shall restrict his release to remaining quantity only.

5. What to do if I forget my password?

FPTS does not provide for online retrieval of password . In such cases please contact the Project Officer to get your password reset and obtain a new password.

6. Why is that I have been issued more than one Login IDs ?

Each ID is Lessee and destination specific so every Buyer has been registered separately for every Lessee.

7. Why is that I am being asked to register my vehicle for transport ?

FPTS takes un-laden weight of the vehicle from the system so it is necessary that you register all your vehicles before you start transport . It has to be ensured that un-laden weight of the vehicle in Software used by Mines & Geology Department is same, otherwise it shall result in load discrepancy.

8. What is that I need to do for integration of my Weigh Bridge with FPTS?

For Weigh Bridge integration FPTS uses separate client software which resides on your desktop. This requires signal from digitizer of your weigh bridge through a COM Port. You need to request your Weigh Bridge manufacturer to modify his existing digitizer by providing additional RS 32 port. In case your organization is using ERP you may directly share vehicle detail and load to our web service. For all issues regarding integration of WB please talk to Project Officer , FPTS

9. Who shall bear the cost for WB integration?

WB integration costs if any would be borne by Lessee / Buyer.

10. What if WB stops functioning due to snags in web service ?

Use manual printing of Transit Pass in Lessee/ Purchaser Login.

11. What if pass gets generated but a print is not taken due to some snag ?

Use TP reprint option and generate pass. This reprint option is for the Permits on same day only.

12. What if , I am not able to transport due to unforeseen reasons after printing of pass ?

You , may get your pass locked for future use by calling any of the jurisdictional forest officers or our Helpline Numbers . Release of Locked Pass can be made by Jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests only.

13. What to do if a Forest Offence Case is booked ?

In such case you have to get the case resolved offline and get the ore released by Deputy Conservator of Forests .

14. How do I use my Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) ?

To use DSC to login you have to get this feature enabled by requesting the FPTS Project Officer.

15. How do I pay Transit Pass Fee ?

Transit Pass fee needs to be deposited in advance and you need to maintain sufficient balance in order to print Transit Passes. Presently this needs to be done in form of Demand Draft in name of Deputy Conservator of Forests and details of payments are to entered online. Once DD is accepted by DCF your Pass printing is enabled.

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