Forest Produce Tracking System 3.0
FPTS - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Forest Produce Tracking System or FPTS?

Forest Produce Tracking System is an online solution developed and deployed by the Karnataka Forest Department for the process of release of Mineral ore from Forest land, (Iron ore and manganese ore), subsequent issuance of transit passes and monitoring the movement of mineral ore from source to destination.

2. Who can transact under FPTS?

Anyone who intends to sell, purchase, store and process mineral ore from Forest land can transact under FPTS.

3. I am a lessee of an iron ore mine in forest area, do I need to register?

No, all Lessee are pre-registered in FPTS. You do not need to register again unless you have purchased ore in e-auction and need to transport ore.

4. I am Buyer of iron ore in e-auction; do I need to register in FPTS?

Yes, all buyers (in case if a lessee wishes to purchase ore in e-auction or from his own mine) needs to register in FPTS one time for each mine.

5. What is the process of registration and what is the fee?

Registration is a simple offline process, where one is required to give details of material purchased by him, his FDT payments, destination and routes through which he is assigned to transport. There is no fee for the process.

6. What to do if I forget my password?

FPTS does not provide for online retrieval of password. In such cases please contact the Project Officer to get your password reset and obtain a new password.

7. Why is that I have been issued more than one Login IDs?

Each ID is Buyer and Mining Lease specific. So every Buyer has been registered separately for every Lease.

8. Should I pre-register the vehicles which are to be used for transportation?

FPTS takes un-laden weight of the vehicle from the system. So it is necessary that you register all your vehicles in the Software provided by ILMS, since the FPTS retrieves the information through ILMS.

9. Who shall bear the cost for WB integration?

WB integration costs if any would be borne by Lessee / Buyer.

10. What if WB stops functioning due to snags in web service?

Contact the Web-bridge integrator service provider (ILMS) and resolve the issue to continue with the transportation.

11. What if pass gets generated but a print is not taken due to some snag?

Use TP reprint option and generate pass. This reprint option is for the Permits on same day only.

12. What if, I am not able to transport due to unforeseen reasons after printing of pass?

You may get your pass locked for future use by calling any of the jurisdictional forest officers or using your Destination Login credential. Release of Locked Pass can be made only by the Jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests, based on the online request made by the Buyer and after verification of the reason for lock.

13. What to do if a Forest Offence Case is booked?

In such case you have to get the case resolved offline and get the ore released by the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests.

14. How do I pay Transit Pass Fee?

Transit Pass fee needs to be deposited in advance and you need to maintain sufficient balance in order to print Transit Passes. Presently these needs to be done in form of Demand Draft in name of Deputy Conservator of Forests or Cash payment at DCF office, and details of payments are to be entered online. Once DD is accepted by DCF your Pass printing is enabled.Please note: Transit Pass fee is Rs.100/- per transit pass.

15. Who should obtain the Destination Login credentials?

All Buyers needs to obtain a Destination Login credential from the Project Officer, FPTS.

16. Why should I obtain Destination login Credential?

It is mandatory to close all transit passes reaching the destination. Closing of transit passes can be done only through destination login credential.

17. Is it mandatory to close all Transit passes?

Yes. All transit passes reaching the final destination has to be closed by scanning the QR code or by entering the TP details manually.

18. Should I get the transit pass scanned at Intermediate Check posts?

Yes, the vehicle has to pass through all designated Checkposts enroute and get the Transit pass scanned.

19. Should I transact under FPTS if I am purchasing ore from Stockist/ Sponge plant/ Beneficiation Plant?

Yes. You have to generate sale order through the FPTS system and get release orders and transit passes for the same through FPTS.

20. Who should request for a Stock seller login?

Any plant which is not a mining lease, but intends to sell the processed or stored ore needs to apply and get a Stock seller login.

21. How do I apply for a route change after my release order is approved?

Raise a route change request through the application by logging in with your buyer login credential. The route change approval shall be provided by the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests if the request is found genuine and valid.

22. How do I surrender the quantity of an already issued release order and obtain a fresh Release order?

Request the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests for limiting the quantity against the Release order through offline process. The limiting of quantity shall be done by the jurisdictional Chief Conservator of Forests based on the recommendation made by the Deputy Conservator of Forests.

You may apply for a fresh RO against the remaining quantity by following the usual process after the quantity limiting.

23. Whom should I address for any transactional and Transit pass issues?

For all communications and grievances pertaining to release orders, Surrender of Transit passes, limiting of quantity, locking and unlocking of transit pass, addition of quantity at stock yards, please contact the office of the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests. For issues relating to issue of Login credentials, Expiry of User credentials/password, for obtaining Destination Login credentials, contact the Project Officer, FPTS.

24. How do I get me Final destination status changed?

If you have wrongly applied the destination status, please send a request for change in destination status through the Jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests.

25. Why do I need Secure word?

Secure word is a double level security provided for transaction in FPTS.

26. Do I need to register and get login credentials to transact from my Captive mines?

Yes. You need to declare the captive mines, and still obtain login credentials under FPTS. Releases and transit pass generation for the material from Captive mines should be done under FPTS.

27. From whom should I obtain Weigh Bridge code for integrated weighbridges at Minehead?

Please obtain the weighbridge code from ILMS. The weighbridge code for ILMS and FPTS is the same.

28. Can I generate Transit passes 24 hours/ throughout the day?

No, Transit passes for Truck/Road movement can be generated only between 6AM to 6PM. However this is subjected to changes as per the direction of the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests.Transit pass for Rake Movement can be generated 24x7.

29. Who to contact for Validity extension of the transit pass?

Please contact the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests for extending the validity of the transit pass.

30. Who to contact for extending the time permitted for a particular route?

For any extension of time permitted for a particular route, please contact the jurisdictional Deputy Conservator of Forests.

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